Welcome to Simmons Radio: The Shark!

We are the student-run, streaming-only radio station for Simmons University! We operate on the ground on Simmons’ campus in Boston and are fully in-person. The Shark broadcasts on the TuneIn app and we curate playlists and podcasts that can be found on our Spotify account. We are currently updating our website, so if you see old information, please bear with us, but our schedule is up to date!

Radio FAQ

Let’s start with the simple stuff, cause we all need a refresher sometimes.

  • How do I go on air?

Go to the mac computer (the one on the right), hit the big live microphone button, the next which is to the right of it. Boom! You’re speaking to the world!

  • How do I start the Audition recording?

First you have to open Audition which is a green icon with the letters Au on it. Then that will bring up a blank screen. Hit file, new and it will . Hit the red circle on the bottom and it will start recording.

  • How do I save my Audition recording?

Stop the recording and it will prompt you to save it. Make sure to name it something you will be able to remember later! Save it to the folder labeled shows and recordings, and then inside your own show’s folder.

  • My music isn’t playing?

First thing is to make sure the sound on your device is turned all the way up.

Next check that the WF Panel Button is turned on, with it’s volume up. If either is is true, your music has been play, it’s just on air can not hear it.

If neither works, check the station volume all the way on the right side of the board. If that is turned down, then your listeners have been hearing the music, but you have not.

Also note, if your microphone is still on while playing music it will not play in the station, but your listeners will still hear it.

The important thing to remember to avoid this confusion is to pay attention to the levels on the board, on the PC where Audacity is recording, and the Mac live broadcast.

If you tried all of the and it still is not play please contact us!

  • There is nothing open on the Mac to go on air with?

This is a super easy fix. Just go to the dashboard at the bottom of the screens and there will be three microphone looking icons on the left. Click the one furthest to the left, On Air Display, and that will bring up the window.

  • I’ve checked and nothing else is wrong, but I still can’t go on air?

Check the console under the radio and look for a green light to the right of the on air button. If that is not on, press it and try again. If this still doesn’t work, contact us!

  • My levels on the On Air Display isn’t going when I play music/speaking into the mic?

One reason might be that backbone is being finicky. Try quitting On Air Display by hitting the name in the upper left corner, quit On Air Display and then opening it up again. If this does not work contact us!

Training Schedule Spring 2019

We are happy that you’re interested in training to use the Radio Station! Here is the current schedule of training shows for this semester that you may attend. Please contact them at least 24 hours ahead of time to make sure they will be able to train you on that date.

Monday 1-2
Afternoon Rush
Hope Lehnick
[email protected]

Monday 7-8
Happy Hour
Kait Smith
[email protected]

Tuesday 4-5
Studio Where It Happens
Emily Cole
[email protected]

Wednesday 3-4
Random Radio
Kaelan Heston
[email protected]

Wednesday 4-5
The Mo Show
Maura Coughlin
[email protected]

Wednesday 6-7
Izzy Indelicato
[email protected]

Thursday 5-6
Katie Cole
[email protected]

Friday 11-12:30
Insert Show Title Here (I. S. T. H.) 
Isabella Amparan
[email protected]