Sarah Carlon’s ‘Best Spot News Coverage’ IBS Nomination

Iz Indelicato – Hello! It’s Iz General Manager here at Simmons Radio: The Shark, and if you’re listening you probably know that our station has been nominated for six Intercollegiate Broadcasting System awards this year, including Best Station! To make sure you’re up to date, we’ll be uploading the nominations here to our podcast feed in the coming weeks.

Here is the Voice’s editor-in-chief, Sarah Carlon’s announcement about spring courses being held remotely which is nominated for Best Spot News Coverage. 

Sarah Carlon- Breaking news for the morning of Monday, October 19th. All spring 2021 classes, graduate and undergraduate will be online, according to an email to the Simmons community this morning. Administration has not made a decision whether they will allow more students to live on campus. 

The email reads “for the spring semester all courses, undergraduate and graduate will be offered online. We are taking this proactive step to prepare for the worst case, and to ensure the least amount of disruption to our students and faculty should the pandemic continue to get worse. While we are not yet ready to make a decision about the return to campus, rest assured that we are working hard to make the most responsible and safe decision possible.”

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Iz Indelicato – Congratulations to Sarah for that nomination, and make sure to check out Lennon Shurburne’s ‘Defining Time’ which is nominated for Best Documentary here in this podcast feed, and make sure to stay tuned for the Shark’s two nominations for Best Podcast. Thanks so much for your support, and make sure to check out all of the other nominations!