Fall 2020 at Simmons Radio

Welcome to a new and strange semester. Obviously, we’re doing things differently this semester… here is some info about it! As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas.

Our Podcast “Welcome Home”
Iz Indelicato (General Manager) and Katie Cole (Assistant General Manager) are producing a podcast in collaboration with the Simmons Voice. It’ll be a weekly Simmons news round up. We would love for you to be included! We’re accepting all kinds of content, be it a fun segment you do with your friends, an interview you do with a professor, maybe a COVID update from a health major, or a news story you’re particularly proud of. If you want to contribute, email us back and we’ll let you know how.

Your Podcast
One of the great things about radio is that it’s accessible. All you need to produce a podcast is the microphone on your phone and a basic editing software (Audacity is free!). We also are in the process of purchasing some mid-grade professional USB mics you can use if you send us a podcast pitch. We’re hoping to have about 3-4 available. We’ll post your podcast for you on our Spotify. This is a great opportunity, even if you only produce an episode or two – please take it!

Simmons Radio has a Spotify account. We’ll be posting collaborative playlists, but also would love to have you do weekly playlists for us as you would if you had a music show live with us. You could also write up brief descriptions about why you chose your songs and we can post that description along with a playlist link to the Arts & Entertainment section of the Simmons Voice!

Live Broadcasts!!!
Radio Managers are getting the capacity to post live broadcasts from home! This means if you record your show or a podcast, we can play and stream it live like we would if we were back at school. Let us know if you’re interested!

We have open EBoard positions! We are looking for:
– Operations Manager
(Help with scheduling shows, managing emails and google drive, podcast posting. Take a leading event planning. Supporting GM and Assistant GM with daily tasks.)
-Social Media Manager.
( Manage our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feed and Spotify playlists! Helping plan events and manage the station too.)
-Music Director
(Help plan virtual concerts, plan band interviews, reach out to local bands, help plan Fin Fest provided we are on campus next semester, Helping plan events and manage the station too.)
Keep in mind if you have your eyes on higher office (GM or Assistant GM) you need to have held another EBoard position. Email us if you are interested in any of these roles!!

And a note: We aren’t perfect and we don’t think of everything, so if you have an idea, please send it along!

This semester is going to be weird but we’re going to make the very best of it. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if and whenever you want or need it!