Training Schedule Spring 2019

We are happy that you’re interested in training to use the Radio Station! Here is the current schedule of training shows for this semester that you may attend. Please contact them at least 24 hours ahead of time to make sure they will be able to train you on that date.

Monday 1-2
Afternoon Rush
Hope Lehnick
[email protected]

Monday 7-8
Happy Hour
Kait Smith
[email protected]

Tuesday 4-5
Studio Where It Happens
Emily Cole
[email protected]

Wednesday 3-4
Random Radio
Kaelan Heston
[email protected]

Wednesday 4-5
The Mo Show
Maura Coughlin
[email protected]

Wednesday 6-7
Izzy Indelicato
[email protected]

Thursday 5-6
Katie Cole
[email protected]

Friday 11-12:30
Insert Show Title Here (I. S. T. H.) 
Isabella Amparan
[email protected]